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4 thoughts on “Mass: We pray the video game”

    1. yep – I had someone on twitter sending out tweets to all her followers every few minutes saying I was sacrilegious, calling on me to repent, and wanting me to leave the priesthood.
      Thanks, Kimberly, for reminding me of the video – I had seen it previously – but it was worth another view. I might repost it some time.

  1. Follow you on Twitter and saw there was a bit of a hullabaloo over this; seems some readers have not indulged the gift of humor our Creator endowed humans with…after all Issac’s name means laughter after Sarah really “laughed” about her being pregnant after menapuase! How many fellowships are dwindling because the youth are not being reached with contemporary methods! STAY in the priesthood…God needs good humor shepherds of his flocks Catholic and non-Catholic!

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