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Resources for Advent 2


Advent 2 December 6 reflection from the collect/opening prayer (used by BCP TEC and others)
Advent 2 December 6 reflection from the collect/opening prayer (used by CofE Common Worship and others)

Don’t forget the Online Chapel with lots of resources of prayers and readings and reflections – many changing daily.


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In the comments below, please continue adding quality Advent resources and ideas.

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1 thought on “Resources for Advent 2”

  1. I’d like to recommend 2 different types of resources.

    1. Each year The Thoughtful Christian.com produces a new Advent and study pack for groups to use as they prepare, practice, and pray. There are studies for adult groups and this year for the first time a youth study pack is available. Learn more at http://www.thethoughtfulchristian.com/New%20Site/Main/StudyPack.asp#1

    2. Following the Star is a wonderful free daily advent devotional series available at http://d365.org

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