Oct3The New Zealand Anglican Lectionary is well known for providing a mind-numbing number of options, but is this Sunday a record?

For a morning service it provides 10 (count them!) TEN psalm options – and if you don’t like any of them, you can use Lam 3:19-26 “for the Psalm”! It also provides ten readings to choose from for the Old Testament reading, then (sorry, only) nine options for the Epistle, and seven suggestions for the Gospel. If you can find a Sunday in the lectionary with more options, please put this in the comments below and I will withdraw my application for the entry in the Guinness World Records 2011 book!

The Sunday doesn’t have a lot of titles: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Proper 22, 19th Sunday after Pentecost,… and only suggests two liturgical colours (the record is all four!)

There has been talk previously of researching what percentage of Anglican communities in NZ actually follow the lectionary – on this coming Sunday those who do not will need great care to choose a reading which is not covered by the lectionary 😉

ps. I bet you some communities will make Sunday the feast of St Francis with the blessing of animals instead of the above options.

pps. If you know the date of Dedication and Consecration (and hence are not using that proper) and you are at least reading one lesson (and if my Maths is right) you have 419 options for readings today – in the morning! If you don’t know the date of Dedication or Consecration, that gives you another 49 options for morning readings. And if, alternatively, St Francis is a further possibility in your community, that gives you another 41 options for Sunday morning readings.

ppps. WOOPS!!! I’ve just remembered: the NZ Prayer Book has a two year lectionary cycle which is a formulary of our church, it is not in the lectionary (above) but still totally “legal” & giving another 23 options! And then there’s the BCP (1662) lectionary. I don’t even remember if that is still “legal”…

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