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atheist cats

The Dog Illusion


Lolcats are an internet meme. The antitheist Richard Dawkins introduced the word “meme” in The Selfish Gene (1976) from the Greek μιμητισμός (something imitated). I hope you’ve seen the Dog-God video. See also “do dogs go to heaven?”.


Any other (humorous) images, thoughts, or video clips about cats (dogs) spirituality etc. – add them or just give the URL in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “atheist cats”

  1. I love LOL Cats. Have you seen the LOL Cats Bible Translation Project?


    Don’t miss the prayers…

    Ceiling Cat Creed
    We blieves in one big kitteh, Ceiling Cat,
    who maded teh urfs an teh skiez
    an all teh cheezburgers an teh invizibul bicycles an stuff.
    We blieves in one happycat, Jeebus,
    onliest son ov Ceiling Cat,
    bornded beefor all teh cheezburgers an stuffs,
    He gots some Ceiling Cat in him, srsly, k?
    He helpded Ceiling Cat makes all teh cheezburgers an stuffs.
    “Fer all teh kittehs he comez down frum teh ceiling
    an beez a kitteh thru da Force an teh virjn Hello Kitty! wit no hankie pankies,
    an was reely a kitteh, srsly.
    He got teh crucify fer us kittehs by Pilate;
    An gots todally pwned and faceplanted.
    An caem bak to lief on teh thrd dai liek it wuz fortolded in teh Bible
    An went bak up to teh Ceiling, an tuk a nappy in teh sunbeam nex to Ceiling Cat.
    He will come bak daon frum teh Ceiling, to be teh judge ov teh live kittehs an teh dead kittehs.
    An hiz kitteh kingdum bees furevr.
    We blieves in Hovercat, teh giber ov life,
    who comes frum Ceiling Cat an Happycat,
    who we lurves jus like Ceiling Cat an Happycat,
    an who tellz teh profits whut to sai.
    We blieves in teh itteh bitteh kitteh committeh.
    We DO NOT WANT baffs, but will hav wun fur furgivness.
    We spektin to caem bak to life after we faceplant,
    an lives furever in teh Ceiling.

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