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Baptism Meme

Getting 5 Million Views

A brief conversation with a friend three weeks ago led to “I’ll make that as a meme”. A couple of minutes on canva.com and I’d produced the above image.

I put it on the Liturgy facebook page. I don’t really tend to look back at such things, but, when I was joking with someone about it, we went back to it and saw that the number of views had climbed steadily. Last weekend it had had three million views. Now it’s had 5,223,788 people reached. That’s with 409,035 reactions, comments, and shares.

This reinforces my point that facebook greatly outstrips blogging. Images are drivers on the internet. Having fun is also a primary focus. And I think that video is also trending – and by that I mean brief videos.

What do you think?

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