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Cell Phones In Church

Another good example of a community’s video. This one is made by Michael Cahill. The community is Westminster Presbyterian Church, Burbank. Videos are clearly significant in this community. This video is three years old. It was uploaded to YouTube three weeks ago. It has only had 602 views – that’s less than 30 a day. I suspect its viewing will increase 😉

H/T Deborah Broome

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7 thoughts on “Cell Phones In Church”

  1. Hermano David|Brother Dah•veed

    We have folks here in Mexico who answer the call during the service and proceed to carry on a conversation in normal voice while slowly getting up and making their way out of the back of the church.

    This is a bit along the lines of the United Church of Christ God is still speaking videos (commercials), a bit radical in its approach to its message, here a very simple one, but it gets the point across.


  2. Michael J. Cahill

    Rev. Peters,

    I’ve just discovered your site and have very much enjoyed reading through the materials here.

    You were kind enough to post my “CELL PHONES IN CHURCH” video here and I was amused by your comment that it only had 602 hits at the time and that you suspected its numbers would increase. Have you checked it out lately. A year and a half later it has done remarkably well at better than 2 million hits and growing. I can only thank you for referring people to it. The part I think you’d find fascinating is all the negative comments posted on it.

    Again, thank you for your patronage,


    Michael J. Cahill

    1. Thanks, Michael, for your visit and comment. How did you discover this site? I’m not at all surprised by the comments on YouTube. It has a toxic culture. We have worked hard at having a positive, respectful community around this site – even around very controversial topics we try and listen to each other respectfully. Blessings.

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