I am very conscious that we are a community gathered here. A virtual community. A spiritual community. From time to time there are landmarks here. The web-counter (at the bottom of each page) has just clicked over the 1,500,000th visitor to this site! It took about four years to get to a million visitors. It only took about a year to get the next half million.

When I looked at the graphs of the last five years, I only then discovered that the most page views in a day happened only last week. Maundy Thursday had 7,362 page views.

You can also see the recent gap where the site was down for some weeks after the Christchurch February 22 earthquake.

Another interesting piece of information is where people are who come here. So far this year:

USA 51%
UK 14%
Canada 7%
New Zealand 6%
Australia 5%
Philippines 4%
India 2%
Ireland 1%
South Africa 1%
Italy 1%
Malaysia 1%
Another 1181 countries/territories 7%

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