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Gathering The Community


Four parts to the collect – the prayer that collects the community:
1) The bidding: “Let us pray…”
2) Individuals pray deeply in silence
3) The leader collects our silent prayer – in the “collect”
4) The collected community’s “Amen” to the collecting prayer

This is a follow-up video to:


Baptism “in the Name of” is a much more profound reality than we usually think. We misread what the Bible and the Early Church did by looking at those words with the lenses of what we do now, 2 millennia later.

Praying in Jesus’ Name


Divinisation – Deification – Theosis

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1 thought on “Gathering The Community”

  1. Thank-you for the breakdown, on the meaning of the collect in the church service. It is refreshing to view it from
    this lockdown of steps. Blessings, a faithful parishioner. Ruth

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