The 5 parts of a collect (prayer)

Like a haiku or sonnet, the collect (prayer) has a structure. It is brief; there are five parts which I help you remember by:youwhodoto throughThis video follows:

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A collect is a short prayer which may have five parts (* essential) – my five titles will help you remember this:
YOU* – the addressing of God
WHO – what God has done or is like that indicates why we are confident when we make our request
DO* – what we would like God to do
TO – what we expect to happen when God fulfils our request
THROUGH*… Jesus…

This is a follow-up video to:

How we begin a service

People gather from a variety of contexts and prepare to hear what the Spirit says to them in the scriptures. This video continues on from:

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The 5-part collect prayer fits into the larger four parts, the core of collecting the community:

1) The bidding: “Let us pray…”
2) Individuals pray deeply in silence
3) The leader collects our silent prayer – in the “collect”
4) The collected community’s “Amen” to the collecting prayer

Life in the Trinity

Continuing my thoughts on the purpose of Christian life:

Posted by Liturgy on Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Baptism “in the Name of” is a much more profound reality than we usually think. We misread what the Bible and the Early Church did by looking at those words with the lenses of what we do now, 2 millennia later.

Praying in Jesus’ Name
Divinisation – Deification – Theosis

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