Christians have a bad track record when it comes to sex. For so many people, Christians are known for either having sex inappropriately or stopping others from enjoying it. And very often it’s the very people stopping others from enjoying it who are found out to be the ones who are actually, hypocritically having sex inappropriately. Sometimes I think the church should stop talking about sex for a generation – we have lost all sense of credibility in speaking about it. Whatever we say – can generally not be heard. It is a relief when church leaders meet and sex is not the top of the agenda.

In the context of all that, I was delighted to have been pointed to a brief blog post by Betty Duffy recently – I shall quote it in full:

The following is a real life conversation I had today:

A friend of mine walks into the room looking gorgeous, hair curled, eyes shining, and I say, “A, you’re glowing.”

“I’ve had a great morning,” she says. “I’ve had sex. I’ve worked out. I’ve showered. I’ve had adoration and spiritual direction. I’ve said my Rosary, and it’s only noon!”

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day

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