On this site (and elsewhere), I am regularly urging churches and Christians to take up the positives and benefits of 21st-Century (and 20th-Century!) technology.

This is a story where a church IS using available technology.

I was having a drink with a couple of friends when in walked Salvation Army officer Peter Savage with a collection box. My friend said, “I’ve got no cash on me. Do you take EFTPOS?”* Without hesitation, Peter said, “Yes,” and took out what looked like a tiny calculator and his cell phone. The donation was completed not with a card but with my friend transferring money by putting his watch against the “calculator”. Welcome to the 21st Century.

I know some churches now have EFTPOS possibility in the foyers of their buildings. Does your church? Does your church website have the option for website-visitors to give a donation?

Do you have a story of church using the benefits of 21st-century technology?

*EFTPOS – Electronic funds transfer at point of sale.

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Photo by Scott Franklin – used with permission.

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