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Creation Season

koruSome people have a particular focus on creation in the month of September. I am committed, as much as possible, to the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). And I believe it is possible to essentially follow a “creation lens” of the readings for this month, and provide that and other resources on the Creation Season Page. Do add your own or other resources in the comments below.

Here is a “creation lens” applied to the readings for the next two Sundays:

A creation reading of the lectionary for the Sunday between 18 and 24 September:
The Exodus reading speaks of food and hunger and addresses having enough. Jonah addresses the variability of creation which is picked up in the Matthew reading where our working the land again leads to results that are not in proportion to our efforts. Philippians speaks of our physical life on this planet.

A creation reading of the lectionary forthe Sunday between 25 and 1 October:
Exodus could lead in to a very effective reflection on issues relating to water, its use, abuse, shortage, problems,… Ezekiel points to everything belonging to God, we are caretakers of everything. This fits with the Matthew reading in which we co-operate with God in God’s work in creation. Philippians can lead to a reflection on incarnation, God takes on full humanity and is united to creation which is sacred and good.

As I said, you can find further resources on the Creation Season Page and you can add further ideas, comments, and resources in the comments below.

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