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Free online Bible resources

Two years ago I made a list of wonderful free online Bible resources (click here).

Episcopal cafe has pointed to another list:

Online Bibles

  1. Bible.org: Get access to the NET Bible from this page. You can also get some helpful tools for study, including pop-verses on the page. Join communities and get help finding Bible verses.
  2. BibleStudyTools: Get access to a searchable Bible in more than 30 translations. A great way to compare different texts. You can also get daily Bible readings, and more helpful tools related to Bible study.
  3. BibleGateway: This searchable Bible provides you with an easy way to find what you are looking for. You can use a keyword search, or make use of the topical index. Multiple translations, and helpful tools for creating a reading plan.
  4. Bible.com: Another great online Bible that can help you find what you are looking for. Also, you can join the ministry, and find helpful devotionals and other tools.
  5. Online Parallel Bible: A great way to study different translations, as well as get concordance. Provides context information, cross references and more between different translations of the Bible.
  6. Online Bibles: A great place to go if you want to read different versions of the Bible — in different languages — online.
  7. Bibles.net: Take a tour of different translations of the Bible. Read the Bible online, and find helpful hints for improving your study and comparing various translations.
  8. Blue Letter Bible: You can get access to the Blue Letter Bible online. In addition to searching the Bible with this site, you can also find great audio and video tools, devotionals and special Biblical resources aimed especially at women.

Bible Study Lessons, Courses and Online Sessions

  1. Bible Study Lessons: Follow these Bible study lessons for a deeper understanding of the Bible. This site focuses mainly on the New Testament, and the Biblical study of the life of Jesus Christ.
  2. Net Bible Study: Interesting Bible study lessons that can help you work through the major concepts in the Bible. Includes quizzes after each lesson so that you can test your knowledge of what you have learned.
  3. Free Online Bible Study: Provides lessons to guide you through the study of different books, as well as articles and commentaries. Includes trivia and facts about God to help you better internalize what you have learned.
  4. Bible Study: Learn under the tutelage of a teacher. Go here to enroll in free online Bible study, or correspondence Bible study.
  5. TV Bible Study: You can see free video lessons on the Bible. Also includes printable lessons to help guide you if you aren’t interested in the video component.
  6. Bible SEO: A number of free Bible study lessons and commentary to aid you in your efforts to become better acquainted with the Word of God.
  7. Tim’s Free Bible Study Downloads: You can find free downloads of Bible study tips, resources and lessons.
  8. Creative Bible Study: A great resource for those teaching lessons. Some great, creative ideas for teaching Biblical concepts to children and youth, and some great lessons for adults, too.

Resource Sites for Christians

  1. ChristianityToday: An amazing resource for today’s Christian. Includes supplemental materials, as well as Bible study ideas, and hints for living a Bible-based life.
  2. Christianity.com: This web site offers a number of resources to help you stay spiritually grounded with the help of the Bible.
  3. Word Of God: Head over here for information and resources on the Bible and living a Christian life. Includes access to an audio Bible, and daily devotionals.
  4. Christian Resources Today: Plenty of great resources for Christians. Bible studies, beliefs and values.
  5. Crosswalk.com: Plenty of great resources for living a life rooted in Biblical values. Bible study tips, family resources, and more.
  6. Susan Scott Reaching Higher: A great place to start for living a life in tune with God. Bible study lessons, as well as mission outreach ideas.
  7. Jesus Work Ministry: Resource rich web site that includes sermons, tips for Christian living, Bible study tools and more.
  8. Bible Resources for Daily Living: Just what it sounds like, this is a great resource offered by the Tri County Church of God in Salem, Ohio.
  9. Bible Resources: Learn more about the Bible, its teachings, and how to live a Bible-centered life from the American Bible Society.

You can include any good resources you know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Free online Bible resources”

  1. I rather like The Text This Week. From the home page of the site:

    Welcome to a virtual study desk
    for students, teachers and preachers.
    Click on a date to find direct links to a
    wide variety of contemporary and historical resources
    for study & liturgy for each lectionary week and pericope,
    or check out the Scripture Index
    to locate links to study resources
    relating to specific passages.
    Artwork indexed by Biblical theme can be found
    in the Art Concordance.
    And check out the Movie Concordance
    for lists of movies indexed by spiritual theme.

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