Getting #Married: Using Social Media to Celebrate the Sacred by Meredith Gould; Plowshares Publishing (2011).

There’s a perk to spending time, energy, and money on running a website like this: now and then, someone might send me something as a present. Rev. Canon Dan Webster (@RevWeb), Canon for Evangelism and Ministry Development in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, sent me this 53 page book.

It’s by his wife. Fellow-celebrity blogger, Dr Meredith Gould. I concur with Meredith that the church, Christians, are on the back foot when it comes to contemporary technology and all the ways it can enhance mission and ministry. And the sense of the sacred.

The subtitle of this book is “using social media to celebrate the sacred”. Dan and Meredith married last year. This is no “theoretical” book – it is based on their experience.

The book provides suggestions for using, for example, a blog, facebook, twitter, drop box, slide share, ustream, YouTube, for one’s wedding. Everything is here: how social media can help prepare, how it can be a way to share the wedding with those who cannot attend, how to use it as a record to look back on.

The book is a model for thinking how the church, Christians, can use social media in new and innovative ways.

Get the book. You can get it digitally.

One minor disagreement: I’m a WordPress person. Meredith is in favour of blogger.


ps. isn’t it long overdue that more churches got their marriage rites online. Hey – it’s the 21st century!

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