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Celebrating Eucharist Sml

How to Celebrate Eucharist

Celebrating Eucharist

On this site, available free, is my book Celebrating Eucharist. It is particularly appropriate for those leading worship and is also useful to worshippers generally. I am a strong advocate that we all celebrate Eucharist together. The book can be used by individuals and also in a discussion group or worship-planning group.

Celebrating Eucharist is set in the context of New Zealand Anglicanism, but its ideas and principles apply well beyond that context. It needs some slight revision – but again, you can already make those adaptations to newer developments yourself. This online version also needs some tidying up – I just haven’t had the time for that.

This post has a sense of Throwback Thursday – the book is presented as a tab on this site, but I regularly encounter people who are not aware it exists and who are delighted to discover it. I hope you and your community find it fruitful.

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6 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Eucharist”

  1. Do you think it matters that I don’t take eucharist Bosco? For several reasons, practical, liturgical and spiritual.

    I have forced myself to do so in the past so as not to confuse or upset others but I’m too old for that now.

    I try to let it pass naturally and since I am usually providing music at that point in the service it is not too obvious, but I sense unspoken criticism when I let people know I don’t take communion, do you have any thoughts?

    1. Bosco Peters

      It depends on why you don’t receive communion, Tracy. And I don’t know if you want to discuss that publicly. Certainly, there’s no reason to receive communion simply to stop people being upset. From what I know of you, you seem to have the most sensible of thinking – so I’m sure God nourishes you even though not taking communion. Easter Season Blessings.

  2. Communion is such a deep multi-meaning word…you are right, it’s not really a public discussion appropriate topic!

    I’m getting my ass kicked with some life lessons right now, Bosco, humans being human, but I think I’m handling it with grace and sensible thinking as much as possible ( thanks for saying that )

    I like it when churches offer a blessing as an alternative to the eucharist; seems fitting.

    1. Yes, Tracy, I always explain that a blessing is available if one comes forward. Sorry about the ass kicking – good about the life lessons and the grace and sensible thinking. Easter Season Blessings.

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