This website has been the centre of my online ministry for 14 years. My primary ministry is In Real Life (IRL) as chaplain to an Anglican secondary boys school, Christ’s College (Aotearoa, New Zealand). As a whole school community, we meet in Chapel several times each week. Whilst in lockdown, I have been maintaining that good tradition with a weekly reading, reflection, and prayer. I collect those here (and will keep adding here as new ones are produced):

New video added 25 May 2020 – this time recorded in Chapel, streamed out to all beyond Chapel
New video added 17 May 2020 – we are physically back at school, but worshipping in Chapel as a community is too large a gathering at present
New video added 11 May 2020
The Last Day of Term 1 – with Maundy Thursday threads
At the announcement that we are heading into lockdown

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