Father and Son

God is not a male. God is not three males. God is not two men and a bird. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity is not the son of the First Person of the Blessed Trinity in any biological sense.

God has no gender.

The Persons of the Trinity have no gender.

We are in the area of metaphors. “God the Son”, like so many important images, is a metaphorical construct.

Jesus is not “the Son of God” in the biological sense that half his chromosomes are genetically God’s and half his chromosomes are genetically Mary’s. It is not the case that half of Jesus’ chromosomes are divine and the other half are human. Jesus is fully human. Jesus, like you, like me, has 23 pairs of fully-human chromosomes. Jesus is fully divine – not just half divine.

Jesus being “the Son of God” is not dependent on the historicity of the Virgin Birth story. “Son of God” can be understood as bringing together a number of biblical concepts. “Son of God” in the Bible can mean “Servant of God”, representative of God’s chosen people, God’s ruler on earth,… “Son of God” in the Bible includes the idea that if you want to know a (male) person, you can get a very good idea from encountering his son. Son, Image, and Likeness are closely intertwined concepts. In today’s world, “Son of God” is often understood as a claim about Mary’s virginal conception, whereas it is actually more a statement about Jesus revealing God (and God can do that with or without a historical virginal conception).

Jesus loves his Dad

Meme used by many who celebrated Father’s Day recently

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