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noble simplicity

In discussions around this site about the presiding style of Pope Francis, I am particularly taken by the term “noble simplicity”. In some ways that expresses well the worship style I hope to encourage with the talk in the video above. [If it feels too long at one sitting, watch it in four different helpings.]

It is a style I also hope to encourage with my (free) book Celebrating Eucharist.

If you want to embed the above video on your or your community’s site or blog at the size it is above (500 pixels wide) you can use this HTML:

If you want to embed the video but need a different size, go to the video at YouTube, click below it on “Share” and then “Embed” and in the box “Video size” you can make a choice from options or fill in the “Custom size you want” and embed the HTML it gives you.

There is a PDF and further information at Some Thoughts on Liturgy.

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