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A regular visitor to this site got in touch with me with a list of New Zealand sites and we discussed why this site wasn’t on it. It required access to the site’s statistics. I corresponded with Ken Perrott, who organises the list, and worked out that there is a way to make only the numbers visiting, of the statistics, available – so that there was no breach of privacy.

The results are available here now. On this list, Liturgy, is the most-visited Christian/spirituality site based in New Zealand. In April there were 67,821 visitors here going to 102,285 page views.

Sometimes, you will understand, in a very busy week, I might have a moment when I wonder about the time and energy I put in to running this website. But the visiting and encouragement of you all does encourage me. Thank you.

It is not insignificant that the fourth most-visited blog site based in New Zealand is a Christian site focusing on spirituality and worship.

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19 thoughts on “NZ’s most-visited Christian site”

  1. Congratulations, Bosco. Let the meaning of this sink in. You are the nation’s leading Christian voice, even when, in a busy week, it doesn’t feel like it. This is your calling, “Archbishop of the Internet in Kiwiland.” Live up to it, get better at it, and make your working decisions accordingly. The pay may be rotten, but use the power God’s given you for good.

    Evangelize, heal, reconcile, pray, celebrate. May Jesus guide your fingers across the keyboard.

    1. Thanks, Josh. That also makes it sound very onerous 🙂 I hope/think I can also have some fun along the way, and put up some silly things. And I hope no one puts me up on some pedestal! I’m sure I’m often wrong and/or muddled. And please keep me and those who visit in your prayers. Your own online ministry is very significant. And you are right about the pay. Easter Season blessings.

  2. Peter Carrell

    I read the top four! Those who do not read the first three might be interested to know that they represent, respectively, the right wing, right of centre, and left wing in NZ politics: all worth reading because they give insights not found in our mainstream media, and occasionally break the stories that the mainstream media somehow do not manage to get to first despite being paid to do so. I am not sure that a free society is possible now without blogging …

  3. Congratulations! Not wanting to be entirely pedantic, but you are not necessarily the top visited Christian site, but certainly the top visited Christian blog by these statistics…

    1. Yes, Chris, I certainly understand and want to reinforce your point. There may also be Christian blogs based in NZ that are not on that list and receive more visitors. I would be genuinely interested in knowing if there are such more-visited sites and blogs. It would be great to have a conversation with them. So if you (or anyone) know any more, please pass on that information. Blessings.

  4. Chris Gidden

    Blessings Bosco,
    It is not always the visits that count but the quotes from your postings on the web. The reverberations you may not be aware of. The little mustard seeds growing in little fertile places.

    1. Thanks, Chris. I guess your point is important for all of us to remember, in whatever context we say/do things, and however little we think our effect is. Blessings.

  5. Bosco, I appreciate the prodigious amount of work you put into your web-site, which is accessed, I’m sure, by others than Anglicans. I also appreciate the fact that you encouraged me to set up my own site on ‘kwiwanglo’ (Small, but mine own!)

    Agape, Fr.Ron

  6. You’ve changed the course of many lives I am certain Bosco, keeping liturgy and Christian communication open and interesting- internationally: the modern way of the Great Commission…

    And even more so for your continued witness of courage and faith in the face of personal sadness and difficulty.

    Every day I need strength ( which is a lot lately ) I think of you and people like you, fighting the good fight, keeping the faith, day in day out, whatever happens.

    In the words of Charles Wesley from his hymn ‘Give me the faith’-

    ‘I would the precious time redeem,
    and longer live for this alone,
    to spend and to be spent for them
    who have not yet my Savior known;
    fully on these my mission prove,
    and only breathe, to breathe thy love.’

    Thus we Methodists are Anglicans yet!

  7. Congratulations Bosco. I’m wondering whether the statistics are an actual reflection, considering that you were ‘down’ during the earthquake and its aftermath. Anyway thanks for a great blog.

  8. Gillian Trewinnard

    That is an encouraging statistic and I must congratulate you – and apologise: I visit your site every day but rarely leave comments. I will make an effort to comment more often as your blog is much appreciated. Christ is risen! Alleluia!

  9. Robert W. M. Greaves

    A question, if I may. Do you have any breakdown of where your readers come from? From what Peter Carrell says about the other blogs on the list, I would imagine their readers are mainly from NZ or are expatriate NZers, while yours is perhaps of more worldwide interest.

    1. Very quickly, Robert, at a glance over the last month, it looks about half or so come from USA, an eighth from UK, a tenth from NZ, a sixteenth from Australia and Canada each. The rest flattening out. Blessings.

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