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Pray for Syria

Prayer for Syria

Pray for SyriaWe have been watching what is happening in Syria. We have been praying for Syria.

Saturday, 7 September, is a day of prayer and fasting for Syria.

You might use the resources in the Chapel here. Pray the Daily Office (online or with another), celebrate Eucharist with this intention. Light a candle (virtual or nonvirtual).

You might become more informed about the situation in Syria. Read about the Trappist nuns from Azeir, Syria. Tweet prayer, facebook update. Find out how, from wherever you are, you can send funds to Syrian refugees…

God of all love and compassion,
We hold before you the holy and historic lands
Of the Middle East, where continents,
Cultures, faiths and peoples meet
With trepidation and with hope.
Grant to those who suffer, comfort and courage
To all who lead, wisdom and restraint,
And to us all a passion to work
For that deeper peace and justice
That is your eternal longing
For your whole Creation.

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3 thoughts on “Prayer for Syria”

    1. Thanks, David. I don’t live in the binary, exclusively either/or world that you do. So, if you actually read the post you will notice several suggestions for action as well as prayer. Personally I, and in my community, we have done both. Do let us know which actions you have taken. Blessings (aka wishing you all the best).

    2. Prayer is an action, David, and it inspires and sustains action in many people — especially when the action is unpopular, though right, and puts those taking the right action under heavy stress or even harm’s way. What actions have you taken for Syria?

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