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preparation for new Missal

turner-paulFr Paul Turner has been touring New Zealand to help clergy and laity prepare for the new Mass translation. The intention is that this commence Advent Sunday this year in New Zealand. I am not sure that this timeline will be realised. As I understand it currently, only the Mass text has received the Vatican’s authorisation – the propers, translations of the collects/opening prayer are yet to receive authorisation. This helps to understand why New Zealand appears to be a year ahead of other parts of the English-speaking world. I think the intention is that New Zealand use the new Mass text with the current propers, prayers etc. Also, I understand, central questions like the positioning of the Peace (current RC practice of prior to communion or current Anglican practice of at the Preparation of the Gifts) have not yet been decided or approved. I am very happy in comments to receive anyone’s better information on any of these things.

Thanks to a reader of this site, here are links to the presentations:


These are from


Paul Turner has his own excellent website
with a lot of good material on the new Missal

Paul Turner is pastor of St. Munchin parish in Cameron, MO and its mission, St. Aloysius in Maysville. A priest of the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, he holds a doctorate in sacred theology from Sant’ Anselmo in Rome, and has published many books.

He is a former President of the North American Academy of Liturgy and a team member for the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. He serves as a facilitator for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.

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4 thoughts on “preparation for new Missal”

  1. Peter Carrell

    Hello Bosco,
    Do you think Anglicans in NZ who use Roman Missal words additionally or alternatively to the fine words available in NZPB will feel obligated to follow this new direction from Rome?

    A rather large smile accompanies this question – please do not feel you have to answer it!

    1. I think this is actually a very good and interesting question, Peter, and one I have thought about myself.

      There may very well be NZ Anglican communities that use the Roman Missal instead of NZPB, I have encountered these overseas, but cannot think of any here. If anyone knows of one, they might like to name them in this thread, and we could find out how they are planning for the change. I am aware of Anglican communities in NZ that uses Roman Missal words in addition to NZPB, including where NZPB has “these or similar words” type rubrics, and those communities judge the Roman words to be an improvement. IMO, that will most probably be the majority approach amongst those communities – examining the alterations case by case. In some of the new material the language is returning to a gender-specific English that will not fit with NZPB or the theology or spirituality of most of those communities, in some cases it would mean totally abandoning good, well-known, well-loved musical settings. I think that won’t happen. On the other hand, I personally am looking forward to the new collects which in the original Latin used far less gender-specific language than even our NZPB translations. I suspect that many of these will be picked up enthusiastically by those who hold to a spirituality of living the tradition in our contemporary context. Especially after our General Synod’s disastrous passing of “motion 5” which reduces the addressing of God (and the First Person of the Trinity) to a minority in our NZ collects.

  2. Peter Carrell

    Bosco, Your illumination of these points is much appreciated. And I look forward to a proper look at those propers. Incidentally I have in my possession ‘New Words. Deeper Meaning. Same Mass: Understanding the Revised Mass Texts.’ (Text adapted by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference with permission of author Paul Turner and published, Liturgy Training Publications, Understanding the Revised Mass Texts, 2009). In my view it makes for interesting, and at times unconvincing reading … a rolling back of Vatican II is not, in my view, the best way forward into the 21st century!!

  3. Peter, I understand what you’re saying; but I think what needs to be appreciated is that, however progressive Vatican II was, the way that the changes in the Mass – which were nothing to do with VII – were implemented were totally wrong. The two-year schedule was accomplished in many parishes in a matter of weeks, and people were left feeling that the changes were not pragmatically-based.

    Although no longer an RC, I think a rolling-back of the changes in the Mass will bring Roman Catholics closer to the organically-evolving genius of their church, which included VII, that was knocked for six in the late 60s/early 70s.

    (Hello Revd Bosco, I used to blog as Frugal Dougal, now I’ve turned into a gargoyle!)

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