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Tarrawara Abbey spared in fire – just

7feb09-11I am sure that the devastating fires in Victoria, the deaths, destruction and those affected have been much in all our thoughts and prayers. I was just sent an email to look at the Tarrawara Cistercian Abbey site where I had my retreat towards the end of last year. I am immediately reminded of the destruction of Holy Cross Monastery. In the Tarrawara Abbey case there was a narrow escape. No buildings or lives were lost.

I am sure we can identify with the message of Tarrawara’s abbot:

Our overwhelming sense is one of immense gratitude to God for his palpable protection. Despite loss of some stock, fencing and tree plantations, we know that the blessing of preservation from injury and death and the survival of the monastic buildings in the chaotic conditions of Saturday was pure gift. Our deep sympathy and prayers are with all those who have suffered so much loss. We continue to pray for all the wonderful volunteers who have been out there giving themselves so totally for others in these tragic circumstances.

Source: Tarrawara Abbey website


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