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Tarrawarra Abbey Retreat

I have not been blogging here much as I have been away nine days on retreat at the Cistercian Abbey at Tarrawarra (near Melbourne, Australia). [I know – one day there was a post encouraging prayer for the United Nations meeting to discuss progress on the Millennium Development Goals – but I wrote that before the retreat and the magic of computing automatically put that on this site on the right date!] Be assured I prayed for all who visit this site, place links from your blogs and sites, mission and ministry on the internet,…

The following are photos from the Tarrawarra Abbey website. One of the brothers is working on a new website, and I will give the link as soon as it is up.
As well as running a beef farm, the monks support the community by Eucharistic Breads.

If you are interested in some of the photos I took you can find them at my Picasa album.

Tarrawarra Abbey

The Office in church

monks in choir

conclusion of compline

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