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Videos of note

Responsory for the first Nocturn at Matins on Christmas Eve, found in a manuscript from the Abbaye de Fleury, dated c. 1170.

Reno erat Rudolphus

The full text reads:

Reno erat Rudolphus
Nasum rubrum habebat;
Si quando hunc videbas,
Hunc candere tu dicas.

Omnes tarandri alii
Semper hunc deridebant;
Cum misero Rudolpho
In ludis non ludebant.

V. Sanctus Nicholas dixit
Nocte nebulae,
“Rudolphe, naso claro
Nonne carum tu duces?”

Tum renores clamabant,
“Rudolphe, delectus es?
Cum naso rubro claro
Historia descendes!”


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2 thoughts on “Videos of note”

  1. Thank you for this with blessings over the Christmas days,
    That great NZ singer’s
    “Veni, veni…’lingers with me to extent i have just ordered disc “Winter Magic” which includes it.
    The first video is touching and interesting.
    And Rudolph in latin!!!

  2. And what about this?
    Rudolphus rubrinasus Johnny Marks/Arr. Philip Brunelle

    Rudolphus rubrinasus fulgentissimo naso,
    vidisti et si eum dicas quoque candere.
    Omnes tarandi ceteri ridebant vocantes nomina;
    non sinebant Rudolphum interessa ludentes.
    olim crassa nocte Christi, Nicolaus it dictum:
    “Rudolphe, naso tam claro, agesne traham meam?”
    Qui tum tarandis amor conclamantibus eum,
    “Rudolphe, rubrinase descendes historia!”
    You can hear it sung by St Bartholomew’s Choir from NY City

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