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I was delighted to have met with the Website Manager, Jacob Martin, of the new website New Zealand Christians in Science. It is a tragedy that there is so much prejudice between Science and Christian faith: the presumption that Christianity and Science are antagonistic. A lot of this is the fault of Christians. Those who are selectively-biblical-literalists have captured our 21st-century media so that they are seen to be “the” Christian position by non-Christians – including by scientists.

I see no conflict between Science and faith. “Why?” and “How?” should be friendly not antagonistic. Truth is truth wherever and however we find it. And all is sourced in the One we call “Truth” and founded on that One who makes a comprehensible universe. Truth and goodness need, more than ever before, to be held together – ethical issues are increasingly complex – and not least because of the growth of Science.

Let us hope that this organised group of Christians in Science may help to shift the conversation.

The website has an associated facebook page.

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