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Week starting February 14


Reflections based on the collect

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time February 14 reflection from the collect/opening prayer
6th Sunday after the Epiphany February 14 reflection from the collect/opening prayer (TEC BCP USA)

Most using the Revised Common Lectionary will be celebrating Transfiguration Sunday this Sunday (the Sunday before Lent), with the Gospel reading as Luke 9:28-36, (37-43). The Roman Catholic Three Year Cycle, the source of the Revised Common Lectionary has the Transfiguration always as the Second Sunday in Lent. New Zealand Anglicans have always been offered the Transfiguration story or the RCL Gospel on the Second Sunday in Lent, and not the Transfiguration as even an option on this Sunday. There is no explanation in our lectionary. This year, unlike previous years (and again with no explanation of the change), no alternatives are offered on the Second Sunday in Lent. We are only offered the Transfiguration.

It is, of course, also Valentine’s Day

During the week:

Shrove Tuesday – the Tuesday prior to Lent (Tuesday Feb 16 2010)
Ash Wednesday – A Service for the Beginning of Lent
A few simple suggestion during Lent
What is Lent – especially translating it to the Southern Hemisphere

“Alleluia” is not used during Lent. If it needs to be referred to, it is called the “A word” (or maybe the “H word” :-))

The Gloria is not used in the Eucharist during Lent.

For communities that follow a catechumenal process in which Lent is central:
Lenten preparation (catechumenate)
receiving the Lord’s Prayer (catechumenate)
receiving the creed
enrolment for baptism (catechumenate)

Please add any comments, suggestions, hymns, prayers, reflections in the comments section.

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