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Wreath of Christ

Pearls of life - the wreath of Christ
Pearls of life – the wreath of Christ
I do not recall how I recently fell over the Pearls of life – the Wreath of Christ beads. The Anglican rosary is quite well known, as is the Orthodox prayer beads with their Kyrie eleison (“Lord have mercy…”), and the traditional Rosary with its 150 Hail Marys (3x5x10) replicating the 150 psalms of the office for those who did not read (a connection lost with the recent addition of the 5 “Mysteries of Light”), but here is an ecumenical rosary from Sweden, designed by Bishop Martin Lönnebo.

Here is an introduction
Here are prayers for each bead
Here are scripture passages connected to the themes of the beads
Other resources bead by bead
Pray the beads virtually (click on a bead to see the prayer)

Here’s a video of Bishop Martin Lönnebo for those of you who can understand what he is saying, and for those of us who just appreciate the joy radiating from his face:

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