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Learning From A Digital Game

sharing a game

Recently someone enthused to me about a digital game (no, I’m not going to distract from the point of this story by naming the game). It costs a little. They said that they would give me the money back if I didn’t like it.

Of course, I loved it.

And soon was speaking to others about it. I found others knew about it, and enthused about it, and were waiting for the next update.

I told one person I thought he too would love it. Next day he was just so effusive about it, so delighted that I had let him know about it.

This is my usual experience with something I enjoy. This time it was a digital game; but this is also my experience with films (“you must go and see…”), with a new café, etc…

This is how I visualise church growth and evangelism… One beggar telling another beggar where s/he found bread. One person telling another person a cool new game. One person enthusing to another person about a film. One person telling another person about a great café…

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