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Shit people say to ministers

Here’s a video sort-of following a current meme. If you can’t cope with swearing, go for a walk, have a coffee, chat with a friend instead:

The actual meme, of course, would lead to a video “shit ministers say”. Now that would be an interesting video. And so easy to find examples for.

Start here:

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19 Responses to Shit people say to ministers

  1. How does he know the bathroom habits of so many? I guess it’s the road to ruin to have a female president/leader, like erm Germany!

  2. That was really pretty normal for what a Priest/Pastor hears every day. The stuff that really freaks Priests out is stuff like:
    ‘No, my boyfriend doesn’t really hit me all that often’.

  3. Just watched the second video, which was so funny that I almost peed sitting down.

    I actually love to use those six passages as a test for biblical translation philosophy: how does one convey in English that the Hebrew is using a colloquial expression meaning “males”? My favourites: NEB “every mother’s son”; NJB “every manjack”. The (N)RSV just wimps out on this one.

    Still tears in my eyes from that nonsense… 🙂

  4. Once I stopped laughing, I’m seriously hoping that the second video clip is a spoof, not a real preacher. Otherwise the real problem with America today is the seminaries graduating preachers who preach like that – regardless of how they pee!

  5. Wow… That second video was crazy!

    Favorite line (that I hear OFTEN) from the first video is, “I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious.”. 🙂

    – Deborah

    • Thanks, Deborah. Without trying to argue people into a particular position, I’d be interested in what they mean by “spiritual” and “religious” – and how they maintain and nourish their spiritual life. Blessings.

  6. Ties into a 2014 blog entry I did where I really speak up for the other nasty one that other Evangelicals whine about. And forgive me Father for I’m going to say ‘fuck’ in this comment. I wish I found this years ago when I did King James Only Examined. I will say you were having too much fun with this one as I gave you the photo of a Nun smoking a cigarette reading the Bible then giving the finger. You should really pair that up with this. The classmate who is a pastor’s wife the way she responses to the f-strike was like a vampire to holy water.

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