Greeting Flowchart

I have been very busy, so haven’t been able to investigate what the fuss is all about that streams past my social-media feeds: something about a red take-away coffee cup not having snowflakes, Santa’s sleigh, and elves and all the other things the Bible mentions at Christmas time…

Being in the Southern-Hemisphere, where the majority of Christians live, it is easy to forget that Jesus was born in a heavy snowstorm when snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow.

It is also easy to forget that the best way to remember the point of Christmas is to have snowflakes on a coffee cup more than question the coffee-drinking, the cup’s recycling… Jesus must have said somewhere, “drink coffee from a snow-flaked coffee-cup to remember me” but, as I said, I’ve been too busy to find the reference. All that springs to my mind is more about how we might care for others and for the planet

Oh, and down here, we haven’t even started Advent. In fact we haven’t even got to the end of this Church Year.

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