Bishop Edward King Chapel

Rippon College Cuddesdon, Oxford (UK), is

a centre of excellence in theological training and research. We train men and women for ordination in the Church of England through a broad and deep range of creative and engaging courses. … We are a place of genuine community where generosity and hospitality is practised in the context of prayer and reflection.

Rev. Clare Barrie pointed me to information on their new chapel. The BBC has a lovely video which I highly recommend you have a four-minute look at. [What is it about the BBC that they don’t allow their clips to be embedded? Which millennium do they live in?! I think it just encourages downloading and independent displaying. End of kvetch.]

Bishop Edward King Chapel

Bishop Edward King ChapelAlongside the IMO-breathtaking chapel architecture, I am also taken by their decision to invite a community of sisters to be a contemplative presence in this seminary. I am convinced that along with the commitment to academic contemporary theological scholarship there needs to be a profound commitment to the contemplative life. IMO, the lack of the latter is part of the fear of being set adrift that encourages the tendency to flee towards the perceived security of literalism, fundamentalism, and bibliolatry – instead of being secure in one’s relationship with God.

The pattern of this chapel fits in excellently with recent discussions about an architectural layout that has two foci – altar and ambo. And how that might affect our proclamation of the scriptures in the community gathering.

I am less taken with the following clip than the BBC one, but since the BBC is so *&^%# about embedding [let it go, Bosco!], at least it provides here a moving version for those that way inclined…

Bishop Edward King Chapel

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