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East Frame Sml

Architecture Affects The Soul

The long-overdue plan is out for more than 120 new homes set to be built in Christchurch’s East Frame. This is inner-city living one block away from Cathedral Square. I am distressed and sorely disappointed. We may be about to create a future housing disaster in the centre of our city. Expressed most strongly: Fletcher

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Sagrada Familia sml

Our Buildings Shape Us

Someone recently sent me an article with the title “One in six young people are Christian as visits to church buildings inspire them to convert” about a study that indicates that for young people a visit to a cathedral or church building has been more significant in their decision to become a Christian than, say,

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Czech Republic

Different is Better?

This is a blog post about worship. I promise. Read on. I have watched recordings of the TV programme The New Zealand Home. There is an unquestioned, articulated doctrine that having an area of houses where all share a similar style, a similar look, is undesirable. We see this doctrine at work in the Christchurch

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