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Thanks to Brother David for answering my question what “Dinner Church” refers to and providing a link to St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn as an example of Dinner Church:

St. Lydia’s is a Dinner Church. We gather every Sunday and Monday night to cook and share a sacred meal, just as the first followers of Jesus did. We eat, explore scripture, offer prayers, and sing together. Tied to the Lutheran and Episcopal traditions, our worship is rooted in the patterns of the Early Church.

We are a progressive congregation in New York City, located in the Gowanus/Park Slope neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

St. Lydia’s is an experiment in what the Church might be when the meal we share is at the center of our common life. We’re building this together—come and join us!

In comments people might share other examples of Dinner Church, your experiences with Dinner Church if you have had any, and your thoughts about this…

St Lydia’s website
St Lydia’s facebook page

Today is the Ninth Day of Easter.

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