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Sam Johnson organises students to help
Sam Johnson organises students to help

Do you have an earthquake story? Moving, funny, scary,…

  • A friend of mine, who lives with his parents, in the dark, after the quake, rang his parents in England to ask where the torch was…
  • Sam Johnson set up a Facebook Page “Student Volunteer base for Earthquake clean up”. This has a pool of 3,622 people who have been helping at different times, cleaning up, etc. Under “more info” you see the un-embarrassedly Christian connection. Sam was my Chapel Prefect (translation = like a sacristan) in 2006 in his final year at Christ’s College. He has a fun calculation on Friday: “Very very general numbers from our stats department (Gina); if we paid every worker at minimum wage (not including transport, equipment, management staff, or administration costs) we have logged 14,000 hours which, at minimum wage, equates to to $175,000 for the weeks work. Good work team. :)” Christ’s College boarders also went out in organised groups to help. Sam on TV3 News Photo at top from The Press
  • Someone whose house may need to be demolished told me of about 25 people suddenly arriving, neighbours etc., to help clear the home. They were given free internet for their temporary accommodation and cell phones. One shop will run off up to 50 photographs for insurance claims free…
  • The Carmelite nuns are sleeping in the infirmary. “We’re used to spending our days in silence and solitude, so this is like school camp,” Sister Dorothea said. I know Sister Cushla from when she was a student at a school where I was teaching. She was six days into a silent retreat when last Saturday’s earthquake hit. “After six days of silence, my first words were, ‘Sister, get under the door‘.”


  • I was surprised, when pointed out, that my post on the earthquake was so high up in the search for “Christchurch earthquake” (it was hovering around second for millions of results). I realised then I had an opportunity and responsibility to provide useful information.

What story do you want to add below?

And did the parents know where the torch was? No 🙂

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