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Bishop Stephen Cottrell

Evangelism Anglo-Catholic Style

I recently wrote about the Second National Anglo-Catholic Hui [for overseas readers: a Hui is a gathering, a meeting, a conference,…] I twice presented a workshop at the Hui [and may yet turn some of the ideas I presented into blogposts]. The principal speaker was Bishop Stephen Cottrell. He  highlighted six dimensions of a life of nurture, transformation, and evangelism:

  • contemplative,
  • catechumenal,
  • ecclesial,
  • sacramental,
  • prophetic, and
  • beautiful 

I promised to make his talks available a.s.a.p. Here they are:

More information at the Wellington Anglican Website Anglican Movement – Second National Anglo-Catholic Hui

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4 thoughts on “Evangelism Anglo-Catholic Style”

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos! I wonder whether you might have copies of the images that +Stephen shares on the screen? (I’ve only reached the end of session 2, so there may be more in later sessions, but so far it’s the triptych of Emmaus, and the picture of the road to Emmaus today)

  2. Thank you for sharing, I was so disappointed to not be able to make it. Great to be able to still experience a part of it.

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