Anglo-Catholic Hui
Some of those present at the Anglo-Catholic Hui in Dunedin 2018

In the spirit of throw-back Thursday, and following yesterday’s post on the Anglo-Catholic Hui and an evangelism that is contemplative, catechumenal, ecclesial, sacramental, prophetic, and beautiful, I want to offer again the six points I presented at the first Anglo-Catholic Hui.

In the nineteenth century, Anglo-Catholicism fought for six points:

  • altar candles,
  • Eucharistic vestments,
  • the eastward position (the priest at the altar with his back to the people, rather than standing at the North side of it),
  • wafer bread,
  • the mixed chalice (adding water to the wine),
  • and incense.

Here are my 6 new points that I sketched out for 21st Century Anglo-Catholic spirituality, six dimensions/aspects of catholic spirituality for Anglicans. They are both characteristics and challenges:

1) Sacramental & incarnational
2) Orthodox – that includes reclaiming the word; Trinitarian – not individualistic
3) Disciplined – spiritual direction; confession; learning from great traditions of religious orders: Benedictine, Franciscan,…
4) Social justice – back to 19th century roots connected to Christian Socialism; poor; urban – now including environmental issues
5) Comfortable with mystery, ambiguity, non-literal, doubt, uncertainty, being wrong
6) Humour – parties (including Jesus’ example and teaching)

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