This year there were the usual suspects attacking me online, often anonymously, from the Bible-alone crowd, that Good Friday isn’t in the Bible, that I am living in darkness, that I am ignorant, that I was following “man-made” (sic) rules, and that Easter is a pagan celebration.

Anita Lea (who has 95K followers on twitter – so significantly influential) led the way, saying that by celebrating Good Friday and Easter I was living in (and promoting) darkness, and that I should do some research.

IshtarIt turned out that for my “research”, she sent me the image on the left, which, of course, is absolute nonsense – misinformation from The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official) [sic] facebook page. And I debunked this nonsense here.

I replied to Anita with the link explaining that she was promoting Dawkins-style misinformation. From someone else, I received commendation for “debunking Darwinism” (which I wasn’t and don’t). And then I saw that all those tweets were removed (and as is often the case in such “discussion” – I was “blocked” – this means you cannot view tweets if you are logged into your twitter account.)

Now I come to the headline of this post. In the discussions, another person tweeted me the image at the top of this post, an image, I discovered, that is very popular online.

And here’s the point: those of you who know how Easter (and Eostre) is worked out, will know that the phase of the Moon in the image is wrong. It should be Full Moon!

ps. The misinformation continues, that we Christians, when we celebrate Easter are “partaking in rituals with illuminati“, We are told, “Easter is 100% concentrated paganism.” We should “learn the filthy origins of the Easter egg, the Easter bunny, and the Easter Sunrise Mass. Who is this ancient goddess named Easter? Why is Christianity observing an ancient Babylonian child sacrifice rehearsal in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus?” “we know the pagan origin of the ancient Babylonian Sex goddess Easter” And that this is information “your pastor doesn’t want you to know“.

pps. I have no issue if/when Christianity incorporates practices and ideas from “paganism”, Science, local ideas, culture, traditions, practices, etc.

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