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False or a Counter-Official Narrative?

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Apparently, statements are not false any more. Apparently, they are now a “counter-official narrative”!

That fits. How does a post-modern, post-truth, conspiracy-theory-obsessed, fake-news-saturated culture deal with what we used to call “false”?

There are, shockingly, people who think that the Christchurch terrorist attack never happened, that it was a false-flag event, even a state-sponsored false flag. But, the most recent article I read about this didn’t simply declare such a contention as false, rather, the the denial of the terrorist attack in Christchurch was (twice in the article) called a “counter-official narrative“.

So is that where we’ve ended up? People flew in to Auckland from all over the globe to attend the International Flat Earth Conference. That the world is flat is now seen as a counter-official narrative? That the universe is only 6,000 years old is a counter-official narrative? Is the contention that humans have never been to the Moon a counter-official narrative? Is Jesus being only a fictional character a counter-official narrative, or, in this post-truth world, is that belief (there are no facts – only beliefs) at a tipping point? A tipping point that tips when it comes to Jesus’ resurrection? Is my holding to Jesus’ resurrection a counter-official narrative yet?

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3 thoughts on “False or a Counter-Official Narrative?”

  1. Peter Carrell

    I am struggling to work out whether what you say is true or not. Also, I cannot work out whether as an officer of the church you are offering an official or counter-official narrative to the prevailing post-modernist climate? (Why does this climate never change back to modernism?)

  2. Here in the U.S., our preferred term is “alternate facts”. Usually spun by high ranking communications officials who are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes so they can steal them blind. We too have those who say the massacres at Sandy Hook, Pulse, (I can’t name them all because they grow by the day) are all fake news. I am sorry to see that we have exported this over to you.

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