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The World is Round – Get used to it


Whenever I put up a date-dependent post I’m bound to get reactions. And some of them snarky. I get told that I’m not taking into account that this particular date hasn’t arrived yet in Britain, or USA, or wherever that person happens to be. The reaction is always there for a feast day, liturgical celebration, or to an April Fools joke of mine. Of course when USA finally gets round to swamping the world with their April Fools jokes the rest of us are half way through April 2. If they are funny, I still laugh. And I certainly am conscious that the world is round; not flat. And that USA is a day behind us.

When California is still celebrating Christ’s death, we, here in relatively-close Aotearoa New Zealand, are already celebrating his resurrection. When we are lying on the beach in a hot summer, others are knee-deep, shoveling snow from their driveways in the grip of winter.

The world is round.

Let’s get used to it.

It’s a parable people.

Flat-earth perspective sees everything only from one point of view. Mine. Round-earth perspective understands that whilst I experience something this way, others have quite a different, even the opposite, and equally-valid understanding.

Flat-earth spirituality: I am right – you are wrong; end of story. Round-earth spirituality: I am right; you see this quite differently; you can also be right….

I call what I see “Earth”; you call it “Země”, and “Bumi”, and “Dünya”… I call the focus of my life “God”; you call this…

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13 thoughts on “The World is Round – Get used to it”

  1. Father B, I think everyone knows that the world is round, we just don’t necessarily understand what that means practically.

    Do you have anything like Daylight Savings Time in A-NZ? The three largest countries in North America do, (I’m not sure about Central American nations) but it doesn’t start and stop on the exact same day. Anyway, I heard the story of an elderly women with a rose garden who wrote to the White House some number of years ago horribly upset with the US governement because with DST, her roses were getting an hour less sunlight each day than when the US was on standard time.

  2. Robert W M Greaves

    >>“Země”, and “Bumi”, and “Dünya”<<

    OK, Bumi I recognise but what language are the other two?

      1. Robert W M Greaves

        Interesting. Bumi, obviously, is Indonesian. Dunia is the Indonesian for world.

        But, as someone who has had at times to juggle 3 time zones in my head I do get the point.

    1. We could get distracted here, David, but there is belief in a flat earth today. They hold the earth is a disc with the North Pole at the centre. The “South Pole” is a wall of ice surrounding this disc. The sun is like a tube moving around causing day and night. And best of all: gravity is caused by this disc accelerating upwards at 9.8 meters per second squared. Blessings.

      1. Indeed.
        And like Scientific Creationism, it is a view of much more recent origin than the proponents would want us to believe.

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