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1,000th post

This is the one-thousandth post on this blog.

That’s not counting the hundreds and hundreds of pages and photos that are static pages on this website.

Thank you to all of you who visit here; who comment here; who add your thoughts to mine to make this site a worthwhile resource; this place an online community.

The following is a little dated, but certainly still relevant:

A friend of mine quotes a statistic that 80% of people visiting a church for the first time have checked out the church’s website first. It may now be a mortal sin for a church not to have a website (especially since you can set up a good website quickly and for free), an out-of-date one, a boring one, no facebook page, no twitter profile [mortal including the sense of a community destined for demise].

But that is only one side of the coin. It emphasises in-drag; using social media (and people) to maintain our little institution, our club. A more missional perspective, out-reach, is heeding Christ’s call to be of service where people are. And people are on the internet and on social networking sites. There is more interest in spirituality than we often realise – old-style approaches think that interest in spirituality translates automatically to people in pews on Sunday. It no longer does. My twitter profile @liturgy is the second most-followed profile in New Zealand (about 75,000 followers).

Thanks to Mark Harris for pointing to the video.

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8 thoughts on “1,000th post”

  1. Congratulations, Bosco, on your tenacity in hosting this amazing resource for All Anglicans – and maybe a few others not directly connected. I still think you ought to be on our General Synod Liturgical Resources Commission – if there is such an animal. Agape, Ron

    1. Thanks, Fr Ron, for your encouragement. Yes, I regard this site as being ecumenical – maybe, to use liturgical language, not necessarily “for all”, but hopefully “for many” ;-). Blessings.

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