A Church of England clergyman who is active in social media pointed me to the above video saying:

The figures are three years out of date (a long time in this game) but the central message of this episcopal church video more than stacks up. As the local Church often comes to terms with this reality, the dinosaur institutions of the C of E are not only utterly stupid about it, but think it’s somehow clever to be utterly stupid about it. How long, O Lord?

Might I reinforce the point: it is not just the CofE that is a dinosaur.

How much effort is it for a Christian, for an ordained person, to set up a blog site? Would it take 20 minutes – half an hour to have quite a good one running? And remember: they are free. How much time would it take to set up a good, free website? Would it take a couple of hours to set up a really good one?

How long to set up a parish or diocesan facebook page? A few minutes? A twitter profile?

How much effort is it to put your sermons online week by week? To record them as podcasts? What is the quality of the diocesan website? Parish facebook page? Pastor’s twitter profile?

My clergyman friend is so right. When I attend clergy meetings it is as if so many of them pride themselves on their digital ignorance.

This is the age of blogs, social media, and aps.

The church has put time, and training, and money, and buildings, and energy into where people lived: Area A. But the young and energetic people have all left Area A and have moved to Area B. “Oh no, I’ve never been to Area B. No, I wouldn’t even know how to get there. Yes, I gather that’s where most people are now, but I don’t really get it. What’s wrong with Area A? Yes, I know only a small group of old people in Area A now come to worship – but we faithfully keep doing what we’ve always done. I’m sure that after this small group of old people, other old people will come… I hope… …”

ps. If you want to check when a website was last updated, just paste following code in the URL address-bar for that webpage and press enter:


This does not work with all browsers. So if it doesn’t work in the browser you are using, try some others. Not having an up-to-date website is a mortal sin. Having a website that looks like it was designed in the 80s is a venial sin. Not knowing what an address-bar, URL, or browser is – well… seek out a digitally-literate priest for confession.

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