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Ordination in laundry

High Street to High Church

Ordination in laundry

I’ve been very taken by two images from the same diocese, at the same time.

Above, is the ordination to the diaconate at a laundromat where ‘Laundry Love’ is a regular programme in which homeless people or anyone in need may drop by to do their laundry for free with money, soap and machines provided.

Too often, it seems to me, the diaconate is used as little more than a stepping stone to priesthood. Here the leadership in radical service is stressed.

The second image, below, is from Rev. John Crean’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of his ordination as a deacon with a High Mass at St Thomas, Hollywood.

Ordination in church building

Same church. Same diocese. Same day. We can hold variety in unity…

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2 thoughts on “High Street to High Church”

  1. Somebody on the right needs to practise his or her distinction between a hand raised in blessing and a fascist salute.

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