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13 thoughts on “incongruity?”

  1. This is a chaplain and soldiers in whose army? The USA?

    Any Statesonians reading who know differently please correct me, but it is my understanding that chaplains in the USA’s armed forces, by military regulation, do not carry weapons. However, I also believe that in a battle theater, all regular military personal must have their personal weapon(s) with them at all times. A deacon is not likely a member of the chaplain’s corp, but is likely an enlisted soldier or officer who is also ordained and may even serve in the official capacity as a chaplain’s assistant. So such a deacon would be expected to be properly armed in spite of being vested to serve in his appointed, ordained office.

    Incongruous with his office? Much has changed in Christianity of modern times. As in so much else today I leave it for God to judge. Just because they are engaged in Christian worship, should they leave themselves defenseless? That would seem to be inviting their enemies to take advantage of the situation. Did not ancient Israel’s enemies try to take advantage of a similar situation by attacking Israel on the Sabbath?

    Yes, I know Padre, I have not answered your question in the slightest! 😉

  2. Or perhaps this is a fresh spin on 1 Tim. 3:9: “Deacons … holding the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.”

    Two options:

    a) This guy has finally solved the “mystery” of what deacons are supposed to hold.

    b) This deacon will have a clear conscience when he blows your a** away.

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