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my last post EVER!

As Jesus is coming back again tomorrow (starting with NZ as first past the dateline) and I will be raptured, this is my last blog post. Ever. I leave all you mocking heathens with this final thought:

If I’m wrong – we must get a winner one day.

Instructions and advice

This video is an update of this post (rather than write a whole new “last post”!):

Last chance for rapturites to get their pets looked after here. [I hope this company will send me a tithe for commending them on NZ’s most-visited Christian website].

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22 thoughts on “my last post EVER!”

  1. Well in case you’re still around Sunday…Here’s your opening line. “Interesting to see you all here this morning…. very interesting…”

  2. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed

    You misunderstand Father Bosco. The rapture begins on Saturday 21 MAY at 6:30 pm Pacific Daylight Saving Time. That will be when the first earthquakes hit that immediate time zone and then it will move to the next time zone as it arrives at 6:30 pm. So you should still be around until Sunday.

  3. Catherine Port Alberni BC

    Yipes! 6:30 pm Pacific time! That’s me… Where did you get that reference? I’ll be at the Church all day doing the gardening with a bunch of people who would rather work the day away together… Then maybe, we’ll go out for burgers and take the food down to the river and sit and watch the bears fish for salmon and watch… and wait…

  4. Never mind, a previously unknown Hebrew text called the Book of Ecdysiasticus will be discovered, throwing off the date once again. We’ll all be saved, but we’ll all be naked.

  5. Hmmm. 6:30pm Saturday, according to the hairs on my wrist and my trusty sundial (well, not the sundial now because it is too dark to read). Thought I heard “So long and thanks for all..” in the distance, but couldn’t make it out completely. Where’s all the mice gone??

    There seem to be two ways to approach “predictions” like this; one is to take them seriously just long enough to say something like “well, you claim the Bible backs what you are saying, but look here, here and here!”. The other is to basically make fun of it (which I found myself doing so often, including above), or thinking along the lines of “the sun rose yesterday, and the day before that, and so on for as long as I recall, so I guess it is pretty darned likely to rise tomorrow too”.

    The problem with the first approach, taking it even slightly seriously at all, is that it seems to pay it too much respect, and maybe others will pick up on that – without taking in the details – and go away thinking he could be right. The problem with the second approach is that there are issues in the world where a complacent attitude like the sun will probably keep shining can be taken too far – and we think there will always be enough oil etc (or that the clever science boffins will come up with another solution and so we don’t need to worry). Not that I want an excess of worry, but sifting between claims of dangers needs some seriousness, so I have to swing towards option 1. Any better options?

  6. I wonder if God has a real Swiss watch – these Japanese ones aren’t too reliable are they? It’s now 20.23 hrs. in Christchurch , N.Z. so something must have gone wrong – parousia or paranoia?

  7. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed

    Too early Padre Ron.

    It begins around 6 to 6:30 pm on Saturday in the Pacific Time zone. You still have more than a day to get your house in order, buy new underwear and prepare to meet an angry Godde.

  8. Philip Theobald

    Well it’s 11.53 in Lismore Australia and no sign of the end, just rain and a distinct lack of rapture. Oh well I guess I’ll just continue being an Anglican.

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