As fate 😉 would have it – with some others I acted out the above skit to an audience of hundreds only a couple of weeks ago! [I had the part originally played by Alan Bennett]. And now, today, October 21, 2011 – according to Harold Camping – is the end of the universe. (Also see here and here).

Jon : Will the veil of the temple be rent in twain?
Peter : The veil of the temple will be rent in twain about two minutes before we see the sign of the manifest flying beast-head in the sky.
Alan : And will there be a mighty wind, Brother Enim?
Peter : Certainly there will be a mighty wind, if the word of God is anything to go by…

Camping miscalculated – the May 21 date wasn’t the rapture, but a “spiritual coming”. He had previously calculated May 21, 1988, and September 6, 1994. He has clarified this now: “[In 1994] God came to do two things. One, to come as the Holy Spirit to begin the final ingathering of all the unsaved… Two, to lock in the judgment of the churches…” He writes:

What really happened this past May 21st?…These two words, “earthquake” and “rapture,” have been extremely important in our teaching of Judgment Day – May 21….We always look at the word “earthquake” to mean the earth, or ground, is quaking or shaking violently. However, in the Bible the word “earth” can include people as well as ground…this past May 21, even though no one was raptured. No one who had not become saved by that date can ever become saved…Thus we can be sure that the whole world, with the exception of those who are presently saved (the elect), are under the judgment of God, and will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on October 21, 2011…You, too, without your knowledge may have become saved before that date [May 21].

This blog post is specifically because New Zealand is essentially the first past the dateline. Now I’m no expert on all this kind of stuff – but I guess maybe that counts for something? So this post is being posted
a) to say that I’m still here and
b) to say that I haven’t seen anyone raptured and
c) I’ve seen no particular end nighing

Earthquakes (as you noticed above) and other catastrophes appear to feature in apocalyptic predictions. The Christchurch (September 2010) earthquake led to this level of analysis:

The force of the earthquake was 7.1
7 – means – spiritual perfecting and completeness, the covenant between man and God, God’s perfection and timing. It also means – to lead, induce, spring forth
1- unity, new beginnings
The quake was centered 40kms outside the city
40 – deals with probation or trial and also speaks of a divine period of judgment.
Ten miles deep
10 – Testimony; Law and responsibility; Complete righteousness
It took place at 4.35am
4 – speaks of God setting things in order, creation, the world, creative works.
35 – means Hope

All the above number meanings are from a Greek Lexicon, Strongs concordance & about four different internet sites that all said the same as each other.

Here in Christchurch, the earthquakes have been blamed on gays, prostitutes, and (legal) drug dealers. The 28th of September was to be the day of another huge catastrophe here prophesied by someone (an anonymous letter-dropper that went viral). Nothing eventuated.

Omnes : (Chanting) Now is the end – Perish The World!

A pause
Peter : It was GMT, wasn’t it?
Jon : Yes.
Peter : Well, it’s not quite the conflagration I’d been banking on. Never mind, lads, same time tomorrow… we must get a winner one day.

You can respond by
a) registering in a comment that you haven’t been raptured (I suppose you can also register if you have been if your iPhone goes with you – or if you are being raptured if it is a process that is slow enough). You might like to give a location on the globe – so we can keep track during the day
b) state if you have or have not seen anyone raptured
c) state if you have or haven’t seen any particular signs of the end nighing.

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