Sunday God

Rector of St. John the Evangelist, Fr Tim Schenck writes:

The weekly Saturday service at St. John the Evangelist (Hingham, MA) returns this evening at 5:00 pm. Perks include sleeping in on Sunday morning (well, for most of us), brevity, our great musician Willie Jones, Jr. doing his thing on the piano, no dressing up, no uncomfortable pews (just uncomfortable chairs), intergenerational, and pets are welcome (we’ve never had any before but why not?).

Sunday is not what it used to be. Here in NZ we were told tourists expected shops to be open on Sunday – imagine the surprise of Kiwis traveling overseas to find shops shut there on Sunday! So, many people work on Sunday. Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed: young people go to bed late and get up late.

And another thing: planning an event (“meet here at such-and-such a time on such-and-such a day”) is so last-generation! Young people, late in the evening, work out what they are going to do by texting.

Tui Bilboard

Sunday morning worship still has its place. Sure. But Roman Catholics are onto something with the Saturday evening “Vigil Mass”. What about Friday late, or Thursday night? Or Sunday very late…

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