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Salt Leaven Laughter Dancing

Gülmək gözəldir 🙂

Posted by Bizim Yol on Monday, 19 October 2015

I have previously suggested a different model for evangelism: living in such a way that people cannot help but catch the enthusiasm and join in. Recent discussions on this site have encouraged me to re-stress that model. The above video illustrates the model. The video below is one I have shared previously – but it certainly is worth a re-post.

What do you think?

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1 thought on “Salt Leaven Laughter Dancing”

  1. In the second video, The group only joined in once there were enough people that they could not be singled out for ridicule. And at the point when a critical mass arrived, all the personality and spontaneity disappeared into a mass of people simply jumping up and down on the spot and yelling. I’m not sure it’s such a good example.

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