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the Big Story

I am wary of 3 minute Christianity presentations, four spiritual rules, the cross as some sort of really awkward bridge across an otherwise impassable chasm,…

But if I had to pick one – this video would be right up there.

ps. it would be even better if it didn’t assume that it is essential to Christian theology to understand the early Genesis story as an actual history and geography lesson (from X BC in a place A° B′ C″ North D° E′ F″ East). [at 0:35: “in the Christian world view we believe it did”].

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1 thought on “the Big Story”

  1. ‘understand the early Genesis story as an actual history and geography lesson’

    it’s quite exhausting to me when people start saying the earth is 6000 years old etc.

    It would be different if we were all still living in caves. But driving around in cars, running electricity, sending this writing out into cyber-space…reality-check.

    If the Bible was meant to be read literally the first two chapters of Genesis wouldn’t be two separate accounts of Creation, surely?

    I ‘believe’ it was mythology to reinforce monotheism: sure, people see things differently but we’re still talking about the one God.

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