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6 thoughts on “the Easter Bunny is Anglican”

  1. David Allen |dah•veed|

    In the news –

    Su Excelencia el Reverendisimo Martín de Jesus Barahona, obispo primado de la Iglesia Anglicana de la Región Central de América y obispo diocesano de El Salvador, suffered an assignation attempt a few weeks ago. He was unharmed, but his driver, who has survived, was hit by gunfire.

    BTW, he is not styled an Archbishop, but is a Presiding Bishop, as is the primate of Mexico and, despite United Statesonian Orthodite protestations otherwise, is also the primate of the Southern Cone. The primates of Canada and the West Indies are styled Archbishops.

    The Anglican Church of the Central American Region met in General Synod this week and has a new primate-elect, the Rt Revd Armando Guerra, bishop ordinary of the Diocese of Guatemala.

    Padre Mickey, TEC missionary to the Diocese of Panamá has photos on his website;

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