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Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP)

The STEP website is pure genious! The material can even be downloaded so that it can be used offline.

Open up the STEP Bible at Genesis 1, for instance. There a list of cross-references down the left hand side. Now hover over a word, like ‘expanse’. All the other instances will be highlighted as well. There’s a dictionary definition and the number of times it appears in the Bible. Click on it and it gives the original Hebrew and its precise meaning and derivation. The different Hebrew forms of the word are also listed.

Here is more about the website.
Here is the STEP website.

Currently there is a limited number of English translations, but more are planned, as well as other languages.

Other top Bible websites

Lectionary Website

I cannot over-stress the usefulness of The Text This Week (textweek) as the gateway to all things lectionary. Jenee Woodard has been producing this treasure for nearly two decades now.

Other top Lectionary websites

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